The Perfect Detox Workout Plan

October 10, 2022 / Workout
The Perfect Detox Workout Plan

So, the summer is behind us, and we all had some fun. Maybe you are among the steady ones who kept to their workout regime, ate healthy foods, and stuck to their sleep routine. But the chances are, you cut yourself some slack this summer. You had a few drinks, stayed up late, and indulged in some fast food – it’s not good for you, but all of this is fun.

Now, vacation time is over, and it’s time to get back to your usual self. However, jumping right back into your workout routine and doing your regular rounds at the gym will not happen. Instead, what you need is a gentle but still active transition into your average workout volume. You want to cleanse your body, get rid of toxins, and start fresh. Luckily, we have a perfect detox workout plan for you!

But first, what is a detox workout plan exactly?

A detox plan refers to a scaled-back plan of exercise. Essentially, it’s a reset after a pause or not following your typical regime. A detox will ease you into a more demanding routine later on. Starting strong when your body isn’t ready is more likely to be harmful than effective. Instead, this plan will keep you active, boost your metabolism, motivate you, and get your muscles ready for a more intense workout plan in the future.

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Detox Workout Plan

When do you need a detox workout?

As mentioned, maybe you just had a busy and exciting weekend during which you weren’t kind to your body. Perhaps you had to take an exercise break due to work or other matters. Either way, you feel slow, sore, and not in your top form. It’s a sign that you need to reset and get your body ready.

On the other hand, a body detox is also a great option in different situations. For example, if you want to turn a new leaf in your life and practice self-care. It can be especially beneficial for people in the process of recovery from addiction. Alcohol and drugs affect us in numerous negative ways, both mentally and physically. We need to develop a healthy lifestyle and take care of ourselves. And exercise plays a big role in cleansing our bodies and minds. A detox workout will make you feel better and speed up your recovery.

How to start?

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Barbells will be your best friends after the first day of your detox workout plan

So, let’s begin! You can complete a detox workout plan in seven days, with three days of more demanding exercising and rest days with lower-key activities in between. When do you start? It’s up to you. You can start right away, or you can wait for the next Monday. Just follow our plan day by day, and soon you’ll be ready to go back to the gym in your top form.

Monday (day one)

Your first day should be a busy one. It’s time for lighter barbell exercises. Here’s our suggestion:

Do three sets of each for 10-12 repetitions. (60 sec for plank) Make sure to make 60-second breaks between
each set. To finish it off, do three circuits of burpees, push-ups, and sit-ups (10 repetitions

Tuesday (day two)

Your second day should be a rest day. However, it doesn’t mean you should lie around and
watch Netflix. No, we’re talking about active rest. Keep your muscles busy and enjoy a bike
ride, a walk, a hike, or similar activity.

a person at the park ready to run
Having active rest days in between is vital

Wednesday (day three)

The third day is similar to the first day, with a few changes. Do three sets for 10-12 repetitions of the following:

Again, take a 60-second rest in between repetitions. Finish the day with three rounds (10 repetitions) of renegade row and thrusters.

Thursday (day four)

Once again, it’s time for a change of pace. Reserve your fourth day for 30-60 minutes of steady-state cardio. Keep your intensity at 60%, and don’t overwhelm yourself. Again, walking, running, hiking, and riding your bike are excellent options. But, if you prefer to stay indoors, you can focus on stair steppers, elliptical machines, or rowers.

Friday (day five)

On the fifth day, do three rounds of 10-12 repetitions with a 60s rest of the following exercises:

Complete the day with three quick rounds of kettlebell swings and burpees (you know it by now- ten repetitions each).

a man in a Superman shirt at the gym
Superman exercises will do wonders for your back

Saturday (day six)

On the sixth day, focus on 15-20 minutes of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Of course, our bodies cannot endure intense workouts for long without fuel and some harmful consequences. However, a short HIIT session offers many benefits. Not only it helps you deal with excess fat, but it will also boost your energy, clear your mind, and increase your strength and fitness. Not to mention it will prepare you for a more strenuous routine after a detox workout.

Sunday (day seven)

Finally, it’s the last day of your one-week detox workout plan! Now it’s time to rest and relax completely. You can catch up on those Netflix shows you’ve missed and let your body prepare itself for more regular workouts.

Complete Detox Guide: nutrition tips

While a workout is essential for your health in general, there are other ways to detox your body. So, why not combine them with your workout plan for the best results? Of course, the accumulation of toxins in our bodies and many health issues are caused by our eating habits.

Fruit and vegetables, especially their juices, can play a significant role in purifying your body. A diet high in antioxidants will also help you. In addition, giving up on cigarettes, alcohol, and coffee will help detox your body and boost your health and energy.

The bottom line

Knowing what your body needs is vital. However, you should also know when and how much of something you need. Exercising is great, but just jumping into it after a break is not a good idea. In fact, it can have the opposite effect. So, don’t rush and put too much strain on your body. Instead, follow our detox workout plan and help your body get ready for a more intense routine.

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