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With the workout builder, you can easily create the workout plan you want. The workout plan you create shows how the exercises are done and which muscle groups they work. The custom workout plan you have designed with the workout generator is automatically saved to your profile. In this way, when you go to the training, you can open your profile page and follow the training plan you have saved. Unlike other paid programs, the online workout planner is completely free. If you want to design a free personalized workout plan, all you have to do is become a free member.

Free Monthly Workout Plans

Get ready to kickstart your fitness journey with our specially crafted free workout plans! Designed to guide you through every step of your transformation journey, these comprehensive routines are specifically designed to suit all fitness levels and preferences.

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Designed by the world's best fitness trainers to help you get the best possible results. Find a comprehensive fitness plan, for free. Ready... Set... Sweat!


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Killer Leg Workout for More Strength and Shredding
This killer leg workout includes a combination of heavy lifting with barbells, bodyweight exercises, and isolation movements that will target all the major muscles in your legs.
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Powerlifter Back Workout: Build a Stronger Back
This program delivers a strategic Powerlifter Back Workout to build unmatched strength. Leave mediocrity behind and forge a back built for competition dominance.
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Exploring the Potential Link Between Ice Baths and Testosterone Levels
The idea of dipping into freezing cold water may make you shudder, but a growing body of research suggests that cold exposure therapy could offer a range of health benefits, including a potential boost in testosterone production.
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