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What is Workout Planner?

The workout planner is a web-based app that allows you to create a custom workout plan based on the equipment you have and your personal preference. If you think creating your own workout plan is too hard, we’re here to tell you it’s not. We’ll help you create a custom workout plan step-by-step!

Learn how to do the exercises

Learn how to do the exercises

Not sure about an exercise? The exercise library offers resources to guide you on proper form and technique.
Create a free personalized workout

Create a free personalized workout

Build a workout plan that fits your goals and preferences. Easily add or remove exercises to create a workout designed specifically by and for you. It's completely free!

Create custom workouts for your students

Design free custom workout plans for your students. Tailor each educational plan to your student's needs and goals.

Fitness Calculators

Track calories, calculate rep maxes, and monitor body composition – all within the app.
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Create Your Workout And Share It With The World!
From sets, reps, tempo, and rest times, you have complete control over how you want to write it and how you want to present it.

How to Create a Personalized Workout Plan

One of the most important things to consider when creating your custom workout plan is what you want to achieve.

workout planner
  • Do you want to build muscle?
  • Are you looking to lose weight?
  • Do you want to become stronger?
  • Do you desire to increase your endurance?
  • Do you want to focus on a specific body part or muscle group?

Of course, the end goal is to lose weight or gain muscle mass and to have a healthier and fitter body. However, you cannot achieve this goal overnight. This is why you need a fitness planner. Target your muscles, choose exercises and create your workout!

Free Monthly Workout Plan

Get ready to kickstart your fitness journey with our specially crafted free workout plans! Designed to guide you through every step of your transformation journey, these comprehensive routines are specifically designed to suit all fitness levels and preferences.

Weekly Workout Plan

Designed by the world's best fitness trainers to help you get the best possible results. Find a comprehensive fitness plan, for free. Ready... Set... Sweat!


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