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01 Feb

Intense training produces a series of catabolic reactions in the body. The anabolic state is a process in which the body builds and repairs muscle tissue to replenish the body’s depleted energy levels.

21 Jan

Aerobic exercises include any physical activity that increases the heart rate by 60%-80%. Any activity that raises the heart rate and is maintained for at least 20-30 minutes is considered aerobic workout.

08 Jan

So is there a best exercises to lose weight? Yes there is! The best exercises for losing weight are the exercises that you will do regularly and even come to enjoy doing them.

07 Jan

Have you been using the same upper arm workouts every time you train arms with little or no progress? Do you perform endless sets of curls and press downs only to see your pump fade away after you leave the gym?

02 Jan

Weight training is one out of three types of exercises that is part of a strength training routine. In weight training workouts, you use hand weights, dumbbells or other weight training equipment such as weight training bench or weight lifting set.

31 Dec

Here is the first training plan for 2023! Many people have made New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier and become more fit. Did you promise yourself this was the year you would get fit & firm? We all know everyone wants to have the perfect body to look good and be fit.

12 Dec

Are you a depressed because you’re a little overweight and looking to lose belly fat? Not only do you want to lose belly fat but wouldn’t it be nice to lose pounds of muscle or get a six pack as well?