How Do You Get Fit? 7 Tips and Habits to Get Fit

July 10, 2023 / General
How Do You Get Fit? 7 Tips and Habits to Get Fit

Do you come across some people and wonder, “How can I get that fit?” You are not alone. In a world where being perfectly curved and toned is regarded as cool, almost everybody wants to get in shape.

When people think of getting fit, the first thing that pops up is going to the gym. While it’s a brilliant idea, hitting the gym is not the only way to get in shape. The thing is, there are many small things you can do at home, at the park, and even at your workplace to improve your fitness level.

By the way, getting fit and staying that way takes more than exercises and workouts. A healthy lifestyle also plays a key role in maintaining your fitness level when you are lazy or super busy.

Let’s talk about simple exercise and lifestyle habits you can adopt to get fit and stay that way forever!

The Fat but Fit Debate

Being physically fit means different things to different people. But it comes down to optimal well- being. To most people, being fit means achieving a well-sculpted body with low body fat and nicely toned muscles. Others define fitness based on their ability to do several pushups and situps or complete a 10k run.

But experts say physical fitness is the ability to carry out daily activities with vigor and endurance while effectively managing fatigue, stress, and diseases.

This definition often opens up the “fat but fit” debate. It’s generally accepted that a person can be both overweight and fit. And that’s because fitness is better measured based on heart and lung functions, bone and muscle strength, and oxygen efficiency.

However, there’s no ignoring that excess weight carries considerable health risks, especially in terms of exposure to chronic diseases. Plus, being overweight can make getting fitter a challenge, particularly when it comes to high-intensity cardio. This issue can be tackled by learning how to burn fat and adopting sustainable habits that promote long-term fat loss.

Tips and Habits that Enhance Fitness

Try Acroyoga

How Do You Get Fit acroyoga

Acroyoga is a discipline of yoga that combines acrobatics and yoga. As a partner yoga practice comprising the base, flier, and spotter, acro yoga helps create friendships and build trust while enhancing one’s mobility, flexibility, and core strength. If you’re feeling stuck at home, acro yoga is a great way for you and your partner or family member to pass the time while tightening and toning your arms, abs, and legs.

Take a 20-30-minute Walk Daily

aerobic exercises

Walking is the easiest form of workout there is. Despite being simple and free, it’s also the most underrated. Walking for 30 minutes a day can help torch calories, increase cardiovascular fitness, and increase your endurance. And if high-impact exercises like jumping and running put immense pressure on your achy joints, a brisk walk can naturally ease that pain.

For starters who have been sedentary for an extended period, we recommend starting slow, for instance, 10 minutes per day for the first week. Ramp up the walk duration by 2-5 minutes in the subsequent weeks until you can comfortably walk for 30 minutes or more. Just remember to be consistent.

Start Running

Running for aerobic

We agree. Running is a challenging activity, especially for starters. It’s a high-intensity activity that subjects your body to 2-3 times its weight with every step. Plus, the rapid increase in demand for oxygen in your muscles causes a decrease in blood flow to other organs. So it’s perfectly normal for the first mile to be super tough.

But with consistency, and as all body organs catch up, you will soon be reaping the many benefits of running. Because running engages the entire body, it leads to stronger bones and muscles, improved circulation, better oxygen intake, and increased metabolism.


How Do You Get Fit dancing

Yup, you can dance your way to fitness. And don’t let those TikTok dancers put you down. There’s no best way to dance for fitness. So long as your heart is racing and you are breaking a sweat, you are doing the correct thing.

That said, YouTube has many free structured dance workouts if you want inspiration. Dancing helps you get fit by building muscle strength and stamina, promoting flexibility, and boosting cardiovascular health. High-intensity dancing can also promote weight loss in the long run.

Get an Exercise Buddy

partner sit ups

It’s normal to feel more confident when exercising alone. Flying solo can be more flexible, too. But one of the best ways of being among the 30% of American adults who get enough exercise is getting a workout buddy. You are likely to be more committed to your new hobby if a friend is coming to pick you up.

Also, that friendly competition when exercising with somebody else can motivate you to push yourself more. Whether rock climbing, running early in the morning, or lifting weights at your local fitness center, having a trusted friend makes workouts a little safer than when you do it solo.

Mind Your Diet

Proper nutrition and an active lifestyle go a long way in helping you get in shape and maintain physical fitness. There’s a notion that diet accounts for 80% of an individual’s fitness level, meaning only 20% comes from exercising. While there’s no evidence to support this claim, it emphasizes the key role of diet in supporting regular physical activity.

The food you eat can maximize your workouts by providing the energy you need and supporting cell growth, repair, and maintenance. That’s why understanding the role of nutrition in physical fitness is crucial.

Supplement All the Above with Quality Sleep

When it comes to getting physically fit, getting enough rest is as important as exercising regularly. Most studies focus on how exercise improves the quality of sleep. But a systematic study review also suggests that sleep can substantially improve fitness.

Quality sleep is essential in fitness because it allows the muscle fibers you tore when working out to recover. There is also enough evidence that sleep boosts energy levels. This means being more physically active and enhancing muscle strength when working out.

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