Walking Or Running To Lose Weight Fast And Better?

December 29, 2022 / General
Walking Or Running To Lose Weight Fast And Better?

Walking or running are both forms of exercise that bring many health benefits. As for the weight loss plan, walking or running to lose weight fast and better is one of the top common questions. So let’s take a look, which will be the best option you should check out.

When searching for information about weight loss methods, you often get yourself too many different attractive suggestions. In particular, walking or running are two of the most popular methods. Because you can do anywhere and especially without spending a lot of money. Let’s learn to know “walking or running is better” as well as “walking or running lose weight faster”.

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Assess the weight loss ability of walking and running

Whether it’s walking or running, both of these activities make an important contribution to giving you a fit, toned body. However, if you consider running or walking to lose weight faster, the answer will be running.

Explaining this, experts say that running makes you burn more calories, even 2.5 times higher than walking. In particular, high-intensity running offers the ability to suppress appetite. After exercise, you will eat less, avoid weight gain even though you have tried to exercise regularly every day.

However, if you were previously a person who was not in the habit of exercising, you can start the training process with walking exercises. It helps your body adapt gradually to lose weight slowly, effectively, avoiding affecting health.


Running to lose weight fast has a higher risk of injury

Although running offers the ability to lose weight faster, more effectively than walking. However, this activity is not suitable for everyone. Running at high speeds can increase your risk of injury, especially if your body is new to the sport. Because when you start exercising, your heart, muscles, and joints need time to get used to and adapt. Sudden changes will cause muscle strains, sprains, dislocations, and even fractures.

Therefore, whether a good jog or a good walk depends on your body. Listen to your body’s reaction and promptly change it to suit you. Best to avoid overtraining, you can combine walking or doing strength training exercises with running.

Walking or running is better for the cardiovascular system

Along with whether running or walking to lose weight faster, do not forget to evaluate the effects of this activity on health. Especially the ability to function of the cardiovascular system.

Recently, a study conducted in the US has shown that walking lowers the risk of cardiovascular problems than running. In particular, another study also said that exercising with strong intensity, too much will increase the risk of death from a heart attack or abnormal heart rate. Therefore, you need to be careful not to exercise too much. Instead, you can gradually increase your activity intensity and exercise regularly to promote heart health.

So walking or running is better to lose weight fast?

The answer is given depends on the health, time, and preferences of each person. Overall, walking and running both provide certain weight loss benefits. In addition, this is also a solution to help improve sleep, relax the mind and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Remember, the best and most effective exercise is the one that gives you excited every day.

In general, if you are a young person, you can choose to run to bring about faster weight loss results. However, if you are middle-aged or elderly, high-intensity running is a wrong choice. Depending on the condition of each person, you can consider to find a training solution that is more suitable for you.

Above is some information sharing about walking or running for better weight loss that we would like to introduce to you – those who are planning to lose weight and want to lose weight effectively soon. In addition to regular exercise, do not forget to build a suitable diet.

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