7 Steps from Obese to Athletic Body

August 29, 2022 / Motivational
7 Steps from Obese to Athletic Body

If you want to get an athletic body look, you’ll have to start burning fat and building muscle like an athlete. They burn fat in their bodies through different types of methods in order to look more toned and ripped. If you’ve made a decision to hit the gym and become more active, believe that it’s going to be life-changing. Besides fighting obesity, physical activity also helps to manage or prevent different health problems, boosts energy levels, improves mood, and builds confidence.

With an athletic body, you’ll have stronger ligaments and bones, better joint stability, and increased calorie burn. These are the 7 steps that should guide you to your goals.

1- Determine Your Goals

If you have set your mind on choosing the fitness path and starting a workout, it’s definitely one of the best decisions you can make. Starting a fitness regimen can be one of the best things you can do for your body. Physical activity when done in moderation can not only keep diseases at bay but also improve body posture and balance and coordination. However, before starting a workout, you need to keep some basics in mind which can help you reap the benefits of the workout better.

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What are your fitness goals? If the first comes losing all the excess weight, you should focus on a routine of cardiovascular exercise with short intervals of HIIT training, as well as nutrition. When creating your training routine, choose a few exercises that you enjoy and that feel natural, because you’ll likely stick with them and be successful. After you slim down, there are other goals that will come your way, and you will have to change your plans and daily training routines.

After you’ve chosen the type of fitness program you want to opt for you need to design it as per your needs. You have to keep in mind your fitness goals and decide whether you simply need to lose weight, or if you wish to attain higher goals like running a marathon or any other big event. You have to create a balanced routine that matches your goal plan and that allows you to proceed with your work outs at your own pace. It is best to write down your plan so that you can track your progress easily. PLAN, EXECUTE, ACHIEVE

If you don’t know how to design a fitness plan, click here.

2- Train Consistently and Regularly

Athletes spend hours on workouts of all kinds, and the more regular and intense the training is, the more you’re going to reach your potential. However, people respond in different ways and at different rates, so it’s hard to say how much training one really needs to get in shape. The safest advice to really get in shape would be three or four workouts a week. While in the early stages of training, work to correct postural problems and improve flexibility so to avoid potential injuries in the later stages of more intense training. Focus on multi-joint (compound) exercises as they help you burn more fat and build more muscle mass (they work major muscle groups).

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Assess your fitness level and set realistic goals

Before embarking on any physical activity, you need to first make up your mind and gauge your fitness levels. You have to assess and verify whether you are fit enough to carry out a certain degree of physical activity. You have to set your goals accordingly. Always start slow. You don’t need to do everything on the first day. If you find it difficult to work out on your own, get the help of a trainer or join a gym or a specific fitness class. Take your time to identify which workout works best for your body and then go about your fitness routine.

3- Hydration

The amount of water each of us needs to stay hydrated depends on many factors – physical activity level, underlying medical condition, and the environment. However, fluid loss of as much as 2% body weight threatens to decrease performance and affect circulatory functions, according to the National Academy of Sports Medicine. The recommended amount is about 125 ounces (3.7 liters) of water (from food and drinks) on average per day for men and 91 ounces (2.7 liters) for women.

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4- Nutrition

Those who hope to improve their physical appearance need to remember that diet should be the first focus. Slow carbs (sweet potatoes and brown rice), lean proteins, vegetables, and fruit are an essential part of every healthy diet. Also, people tend to worry too much about their calorie intake, while they should be worrying about sugar in their foods. Sugar is metabolized quickly and is packed with calories, so if the sugars aren’t burned during training, you’ll be putting on weight.

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Prepare for austerity

The popular adage of No pain, No gain is what needs to be followed. You need to Burn to Shine and follow what must be followed and do what must be done to achieve your goals. Do not overdo it and do not forget it. If you wish to attain fitness you need to give up your habits that impede your progress. Eat a balanced diet and everything in moderation, so you don’t have to give in to your cravings. Try and be regular with your workouts and adopt a lifestyle that is holistic and healthy. Remember, make it a lifestyle and not just a everyday duty.

5- Supplements

A well-balanced diet can be optimized with supplements. Some of the popular supplementation choices are: glucosamine sulfate (prevents joint problems and helps with cartilage rebuild), glycerol (keeps the body hydrated longer for increased performance), and creatine (occurs naturally in our bodies, leads to improved power and strength). Protein is the building block of muscles and it’s a good idea to get some bars or shakes to help you recover after intense workouts.

If you want to get an athletic body look, you’ll have to start burning fat and building muscle like an athlete. With an athletic body, you’ll have stronger ligaments and bones, better joint stability, and increased calorie burn.

6- Track Your Progress

You should know whether you’re making progress or not, in order to know if your training scheme is fruitful or requires some changes and adjustments. However, instead of looking at the numbers on your scale, better look at the mirror. Your goal is to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat, and your total weight may remain the same (while a lower percentage of body fat). If you like how you look in the mirror, then the scale doesn’t matter. You can use a simple body measurement app as well, to track the changes to your body shape over time.

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Follow the plans

There is no point in making plans if you’re not going to follow them. Start slowly and then gradually build up your pace. It is very important to listen to your body. While exercising is highly important, it is more important to do it in the right amount. Excess of anything is bad. Your plan should also include adequate rest periods as it is imperative for the body to recover. Be creative with your workouts and try to bring about variation so that you don’t get bored.

7- Maintain Focus

Once you get into a fitness routine, you must make a commitment to yourself by keeping up with those habits. Be patient with yourself, make thoughtful dietary decisions, and exercise at the same time each day. It is crucial not to give up, because results take time. Be positive and don’t allow negative thoughts to overpower. Push yourself harder, do that one extra set, run that one extra lap, and lift that few extra pounds.

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Strong will is a must

You can’t achieve any goal if you haven’t set your heart on achieving it. You have to be determined to work hard to reach your desired destination. Apart from building a routine that involves regular workouts, try and motivate yourself in several ways. Each time stretch yourself to do better than the last time and you will feel awesome.


Starting to exercise is not that difficult as persevering. It’s important to know what you want and to have a plan. Consistent and regular workouts, staying focused and motivated, eating right, staying hydrated, and tracking progress is important if you wish to see some results, but don’t worry, it may sound intimidating, but once you turn it into an everyday routine, you won’t be frightened. You’ll be surprised to see what your body is capable of doing.

Starting an exercise program doesn’t have to be daunting. By planning everything carefully according to your pace, you can award yourself a healthy habit that will last forever.

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