Inner Chest Workout

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If you are doing chest training but cannot develop as you want aesthetically, these inner chest exercises may be of interest to you. Especially those who are interested in bodybuilding complain that the inner chest muscles are underdeveloped. Therefore, one of the problems with chest development is the choice of exercise. Variety of exercises is one of the most important reasons for the development of the inner chest muscles, because the same exercises performed constantly ensure the development of the same muscles.

Trying to target a specific part of the pectoral muscles is challenging due to the anatomy of the pectoral muscle. You can work the chest muscles as a whole, but there are no valid isolation exercises for you to work a single part. Due to the way the muscle attaches to the rib cage, it is difficult to specifically target the inner chest, but some exercises hit the entire chest while focusing on the inner chest.

If you want to develop the inner part of your chest, the best technique is to do exercises that move your arms towards the midline of your chest. This creates a major limitation for chest development because the muscle fibers closest to the sternum cause the muscles to contract more when you cross the midline. Therefore, it is recommended to always add exercises from different angles to your training programs.

inner chest anatomy


The Pectoralis Major is the large muscle of your chest. In order to more efficiently work your chest, it is important to understand the function and anatomy of the pectoral muscle region. Simply being aware of how the muscles move and operate will definitely give you an advantage in the gym. The pec group is a complex muscle group made up of four individual muscles: the pectoralis major, the pectoralis minor, serratus anterior, and subclavius.

The part we call the upper chest muscle; The head of the clavicle is the part that attaches to the collarbone.

What we call the inner chest muscle; The “sternal head” is the middle part that attaches to the rib cage and that we want it to develop.

The other part is the lower chest muscle; The “abdominal head” is the part that extends to the ribs.

According to the attachment points of the muscles, the muscle fibers extend horizontally and parallel to the humerus arm bone.

Obviously, all chest movements work the pectoralis major muscle as a whole. It is not possible to isolate a part of the pectoral muscle, but due to the attachment points and extensions of the muscles, exercises done at different angles can work out the parts you want more specifically. The truth is, your inner chest or upper pectoral muscle works at a different angle than the rest of your pectoral muscles. For this reason, chest movements are classified with names such as “lower chest exercises” and “upper chest exercises”.

how to build inner chest muscle

The most important detail that you need to pay attention to when creating a chest training program is to create exercises at different angles, where you can develop all your muscles proportionally. Adding 1-2 exercises that work the upper and lower chest muscles to your training program will make your chest muscles look better aesthetically. Especially recommended for muscle development is the range of 8-12 reps with 60-85% weight.

The exercises in this workout plan are exercises that focus on the inside of your pectoral muscles. You can choose 2-3 of these exercises and include them in your chest training program, or you can do them all in one training day.

inner chest workout plan