Chest and Back Superset Workout

Workout / Back-Wing, Chest / Advanced, Intermediate
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Push/Pull Chest and Back Superset Workout

A great chest and back superset workout routine for you if you want to build a strong V-shaped back and a big chest!

In weight lifting training, the principle of performing two exercises in a row without rest is called a superset. When it comes to muscle development; Intermediate and advanced athletes use many methods to shock the muscles and prolong the time under tension. One of them is the chest and back combination, which is a push and pull training and works the agonist and antagonist muscle groups.

Supersets are a popular technique that athletes include in their training at certain times in bodybuilding training to extend the total time the muscles spend under tension and to increase muscle gain. The best time to apply this technique is when you want to shorten your workout time and add variety to your usual routine workouts. It is not a recommended technique for beginners, it is generally used by intermediate and advanced athletes.In addition, your body will be very tired after this intense pace, so post-exercise nutrition is very important. Adequate protein consumption is necessary to start building all the muscle tissue immediately after a workout.

After performing the first exercise, the second exercise is immediately started and the first set is completed. The second set is started with a rest of at least 60-90 seconds. Research shows that lifting 70-85% of your maximum weight is beneficial for hypertrophy. 70-80% weight density would be ideal for this workout.


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