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Your workout programs will always have a balance of all muscle groups, focusing on Core Strength, Balance, Cardio Endurance, Mobility and Flexibility. The overall purpose is to guarantee you results by reaching your fitness goals and providing an exercise plan that will help you feel better, look better and move better.


Fitness and Body Building
Our aim is to make sports enjoyable for a healthy life.The fitness program builder, determines the number of sets and repetitions, taking into account scientific data and research on muscle development, endurance, weight gain, weight loss, and strength gain.

Completely Free

Don't pay to play sports
The fitness program generator is a web-based application designed to generate the most suitable training program for the target. Unlike other paid programs, the fitness program maker is completely free. If you want to design your own fitness program, all you need to do is become a free member.


Create your own nutrition program
Sports nutrition is important for maintaining the health of those who do sports, increasing endurance, good concentration and attention skills. When it comes to weight gain or weight loss, the amount of calories matters. Do not worry! The fitness programmer is designed to create a nutrition program based on your calories.

Designed Workout Programs

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Single Fitness Workout Programs

Designed by the world's best fitness trainers to help you get the best possible results. Find a comprehensive fitness plan, for free. Ready... Set... Sweat!