Slim Waist Workout Routine

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Slim Waist Workout Routine

These exercises work all core muscles, increase heart rate, increase leg strength, and endurance. It is an extremely effective exercise for beginners. If you want to get a slim waist, do as many reps as you can in 20 seconds. This workout routine will work your core to burn belly fat and give you a slimmer waist. Perform these exercises for 10-15 minutes everyday and start seeing some difference in the next 4 weeks.

slim waist workout

These seven exercises mean doing 1 round in total. Rest 1 minute between each round. You can do the exercises in sequence or in one round. If you are a beginner, you can start this training with 2 rounds, and as your physical condition increases, you can increase it to 3 and 4 rounds.

1 Round: 20 Sec exercise – 10 sec Rest. 60 sec rest between each round

  1. Bodyweight Windmill
  2. High Knee Skips
  3. Snap Jumps
  4. Side Plan Leg Raise
  5. Seated Oblique Twist
  6. Crunch With Leg Raise
  7. Seated Side Crunch


Creating a calorie deficit

These exercises are great for sculpting muscles but they won’t be enough to get the slim waist you want. You only need to lose total body fat to reveal the muscles you have developed!

Use this calculator to create fat loss and determine the number of calories required. Create a suitable diet menu according to the calorie result and start training..

Daily calorie intake calculator

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Target Daily Caloric Intake
These calculations are based on averages.