30 Days Gym BodyBuilding Program

Workout Plan

Chest + Abs

big chest abs icon

Work your deepest chest and abdominal muscles. The more important basic chest movements are to muscle development and strength gain, the more important it is to a solid physique in exercising core muscles.


big arm icon

Arm training day works as a combination of biceps and triceps muscles to strengthen and develop all your arm muscles.



Shoulder + Abs

shoulder abs icon

The shoulder is the roof of the body. Before starting this workout, do not neglect to train your shoulder muscles with warm-up and stretching movements.


leg muscle workout

Leg training day is designed to work the deepest leg muscles. Do not neglect warming up and stretching movements before exercising your leg muscles.

Back Wing

big wing icon

Back days: It is a training program designed to work your deepest back and wing muscles, not contented with running your superficial back muscles.