Rope Pushdown

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Rope Pushdown

The rope pushdown is a variation of the triceps pushdown exercise that targets the triceps muscles using a rope attachment on a cable machine. This exercise offers a different grip and hand positioning, which can provide a unique stimulus for the triceps and contribute to overall arm strength and definition.

How to do:

Rope Pushdown

Starting Position: Attach a rope attachment to the upper part of a cable machine. Hold the rope with your hands facing each other.

Form: Exhale and pull the rope down towards your waist. Hold for a brief moment and then slowly return to the starting position.

Personal Trainer Tips: Keep your shoulders in good alignment during this exercise. The tendency is for the shoulders to tip forwards as you push down.

Also keep your shoulders stationary during this exercise. Only move your elbows to isolate and focus on the triceps.

Stand up straight and keep your back in good alignment, and always move in a slow and controlled manner.

Rope Pushdown – Benefits

Triceps Isolation: Like the traditional triceps pushdown, the rope pushdown is an isolation exercise, meaning it mainly targets the triceps without involving other major muscle groups. This allows you to focus on the triceps and develop them more effectively.

Unique Grip and Hand Positioning: The rope pushdown’s hand position allows you to spread your hands apart as you push down, which engages the lateral head of the triceps more effectively. This variation can contribute to a more well-rounded triceps development.

Muscle Definition: Regularly incorporating the rope pushdown into your workout routine can help enhance the definition of your triceps, providing a more sculpted appearance to your upper arms.

Joint Stability: Similar to other triceps exercises, the rope pushdown helps improve elbow joint stability.

Rope Pushdown – Muscles Worked

Target - Triceps
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