Shoulder Workout (İntermediate Level)

Workout / Shoulder / Intermediate / 30 Minutes
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About the Shoulder Program

You can start the program with warm-up and stretching movements to get your shoulder muscles ready for exercise. Then, with the rotation exercises, work your rotator cuff muscles in 2 or 3 sets, 8-10 repetitions. These exercises will take 10-15 minutes in total, but because they are too important to ignore, applying these exercises will benefit your shoulder muscles.

shoulder intermediate lvl


The shoulder muscle consists of 3 parts. These; anterior deltoid, lateral deltoid and posterior deltoid muscles. Besides these large muscles, there are 4 more muscles to consider. These muscles are called rotator cuff muscles. These muscles are like columns under the building! The stronger the columns, the more earthquake resistant the building. The shoulder muscles are just like that, the stronger the muscles that support it, the stronger the shoulder muscles. One of the causes of shoulder pain and shoulder injuries in sports is to overload the shoulder muscles without strengthening these muscles. This shoulder training program is designed with exercises that support and strengthen the rotator cuff muscles.