Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

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How to lose belly fat

A large number of men and women struggle with belly fat. Some people turn to expensive supplements while others go on fad diets in an attempt to lose abdominal fat. These solutions only work in the short term and most people end up binging on unhealthy foods, leading to additional weight gain. The most effective way to lose the fat around your belly is to reduce your calories, consume healthier foods, and engage in a variety of physical activities regularly. If you are in search of the best exercise to lose belly fat, here are some options you can consider.

Lose Belly Fat Workout

The exercises highlighted here will burn fat and tone the abdominal muscles. These exercises should be combined with aerobic workouts that help to increase your heart rate and use up calories. You can combine these workouts with biking, swimming, hiking or walking to enjoy additional benefits. It may take a while for you to get desired results but they are a long term solution if you are in search of the best exercise to lose belly fat. Make sure you eat a healthy diet as well if you want to get the most out of these workouts. Poor nutrition will simply increase the fat that you have been trying to lose. Fat tends to settle around the abdomen for most people and for this reason you should cut down on unnecessary calories as you engage in these workouts.

For Beginners: You can apply this program 3-4 days a week, gradually increasing.

  1. 1-Week: 10-12 Reps
  2. 2-Week: 12-15 Reps
  3. 3-Week: 18-20 Reps
  4. 4-Week: 20-25 Reps

Lose Belly Fat Strategies

This one sounds obvious but it can’t be stressed enough. The only way to lose weight is burn more calories than you consume. One easy way of doing this is eating less. As a matter of fact the only way any of the popular diets cause weight loss is because you end up eating less while you follow them. It doesn’t matter if the diet is low carb, high protein or low fat. As long as you are eating less calories than your basal requirement you will lose weight.

Short term goal setting is often overlooked and is a powerful tool to realizing your eventual long term weight loss goal. Set multiple and attainable short term goals, and the shorter the better. At the start set goals for each day, morning evening and night. Set short term goals for finishing each one of your workouts, as well as for eating your fruits and vegetables. Set them each day, and mark it down each time you achieve one. As you build up your list of goals you have accomplished you will build up confidence and momentum towards your overall long term weight loss goal. Keep the list somewhere safe and keep marking down each goal as you achieve it. After a few weeks you should have a nice looking list of accomplishments to be proud of. Remember, every little bit counts.

These exercises are great for lose belly fat but they won’t be enough to get the slim waist you want. You only need to lose total body fat to reveal the muscles you have developed!

Use this calculator to generate fat loss and determine the number of calories needed. Create the appropriate diet menu according to the calorie result and start training.

Daily calorie intake calculator

Metric Imperial
Target Daily Caloric Intake
These calculations are based on averages.

Lose Belly Fat Workout