Back Workout For a Bigger Back

Workout / Back-Wing / Intermediate / 45 Minutes
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Back Workout Routine

This workout routine primarily targets your back muscles and helps tone and widen specifically your latissimus dorsi muscles, also known as lats. Training the back is not only beneficial for you aesthetically, it also provides stability for other exercises such as deadlift and bench press.

Back muscle groups: Trapezius, Rhomboids, Latissimus dorsi and Erector spinae. While most exercises target a specific muscle on the back of the body, compound exercises targets the entire back every rep. They work a huge portion of your back, from your lats, traps, rear delts, among other smaller muscles along your thoracic spine.

Another benefit of the back exercises is that it helps increase your upper and lower back strength and reinforces proper spinal control.


You will start with a lighter weight with a higher rep range. Your middle sets will be heaviest with a lower rep range, and then you will return to lighter more moderate weight again for higher reps.

  • Ascending Pyramid: This pyramid starts with light weight and high reps, and with each successive set the weight gets heavier and the reps get lower.

Do not neglect to apply the warm-up and stretching movements we give before starting the workout.

You can adjust the weights this way.

12 Reps %50 Weight
10 Reps %60 Weight
8   Reps %70 Weight
6   Reps %80 Weight
12 Reps %50 Weight

Back Workout For a Bigger Back

Muscles Worked in the Back Workout

Target - Back
Synergists - Latissimus Dorsi
Synergists - Infraspinatus
Synergists - Teres Minor
Synergists - Posterior Deltoid
Synergists - Trapezius
Synergists - Teres Minor
Synergists - Rhomboids
Synergists - Brachialis
Synergists - Brachioradialis
Synergists - Pectoralis Major
Dynamic Stabilizers - Biceps Brachii
Dynamic Stabilizers - Triceps
Stabilizers - Erector Spinae
Stabilizers - Hamstrings
Stabilizers - Gluteus Maximus
Stabilizers - Quadriceps
Stabilizers - Adductor Magnus
Antagonist Stabilizers - Rectus Abdominis
Antagonist Stabilizers - Obliques
Barbell bent over row muscles worked

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