One Arm Reverse Pushdown

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One Arm Reverse Pushdown

The “One Arm Reverse Pushdown” is another variation of the traditional triceps pushdown exercise, which targets the triceps muscles from a different angle. This exercise primarily emphasizes the medial head of the triceps and can provide a unique stimulus for muscle growth and strength development. Additionally, you can use this movement to correct symmetry issues. (for example, if one arm is bigger than another)

How To do:

One Arm Reverse PushDown

  1. Grab the handle with one hand, using an underhand grip (palms facing upwards).
  2. Start with your elbow bent at a 90-degree angle and tucked close to your side. Your forearm should be parallel to the ground, pointing backward away from the machine. This is the starting position.
  3. Keeping your upper arm stationary, use your triceps to push the handle down and forward until your arm is fully extended. Your forearm should end up perpendicular to the ground.
  4. Hold the fully extended position for a brief moment, focusing on squeezing your triceps, especially the lateral head.
  5. Slowly and in a controlled manner, let the handle return to the starting position, keeping tension on the triceps.
  6. Complete the desired number of repetitions on one arm before switching to the other arm.


  • Keep your upper arm still throughout the exercise; only your forearm should move.
  • Avoid using momentum or swinging your body during the movement.
  • Maintain a stable stance with your feet grounded for balance and stability.
  • Control the weight throughout the entire range of motion, both during the downward and upward phases.
  • Breathe naturally, exhaling as you push the handle down and inhaling as you return to the starting position.

One Arm Reverse Pushdown – Benefits

Muscle Isolation: The One arm reverse pushdown is an isolation, single-joint move, which isolates the triceps without the assistance of other muscle groups or joints. By working one arm at a time, this exercise allows you to isolate and focus on each triceps individually. This isolation can lead to more targeted muscle engagement and better muscle development.

Balanced Arm Development: By addressing each arm independently, the One Arm Reverse Pushdown helps in identifying and correcting any strength imbalances between your right and left triceps. Achieving balanced arm development can improve your overall strength and symmetry.

Using cables aims to maintain constant tension on target muscles important for muscle hypertrophy. This continuous resistance makes it a more beneficial method for muscle gain. Using cables can be both effective and easier for beginners. You can get the best results in this exercise with light to medium weights and medium to high repetitions.

One Arm Reverse Pushdown – Muscles Worked

Target - Triceps
triceps muscle worked 1