One Arm Lying Triceps Extension

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How To: One-Arm Lying Triceps Extension

One Arm Lying Triceps Extension

Starting Position: Lie on a bench with one dumbbell in your hand. Use your opposite hand as a cue for the correct position for your shoulder and elbow.

Hold the dumbbell in your hand so that it is pointing towards the ceiling.

Form: Inhale as you lower the dumbbell towards the side of your head. Hold for a brief second and then exhale and return to the starting position.

In this triceps exercise, it is important to keep your shoulders steady. Only your elbow should be moving during this exercise.

One Arm Lying Triceps Extension – Benefits

  • Dumbbell lying triceps extension is a single joint isolating exercise that provides strength and muscle development. It is a effective exercise to develop the tricep muscle. Additionally, you can use this movement to correct symmetry issues. (for example, if one arm is smaller and weaker than the other)

One Arm Lying Triceps Extension – Muscles Worked

Target - Triceps
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