Lever Triceps Extension

Exercise / Triceps

How To do Lever Triceps Extension

Lever Triceps Extension

Starting Position: Sit comfortably in the tricep machine, and align your elbow as close to the pivot point as possible.

Form: Exhale and extend your elbows until they are almost fully extended. Hold for a brief second and then slowly return to the starting position.

Personal Trainer Tips: In this tricep exercise, make sure that you do not forcefully lock out your elbow. When you lock your elbow, you place a little more pressure on the elbow joint.

Also, keep your upper arm in contact with the support pad throughout the movement.

Lever Triceps Extension Benefits

  • Lever triceps extension is an isolated triceps exercise that increases arm strength and develop arm muscles.
  • This exercise, which provides a better effect on light and medium weights, is ideal for beginners.

Muscles Worked in the Lever Triceps Extension

Target - Triceps
triceps muscle worked 1