Dumbbell Skull Crusher

Exercise / Triceps

How to do Dumbbell Skull Crusher

Dumbbell Skull Crusher

Starting Position: Begin by lying on a bench while holding 2 dumbbells. Slightly lift your chest off the bench and tuck your chin so that your head and neck stay in good alignment.

Form: Lift your arms toward the ceiling and slightly squeeze your shoulder blades.

Keeping your upper arms stable, lower your elbows towards your forehead. Hold for a brief second and then slowly return to the starting position.(kicking back the dumbbell)

Dumbbell Skull Crusher – Benefits

  • The skull crusher is an isolation exercise that works the triceps muscle. You can incorporate this exercise into your workouts to tighten flabby arms and tone your arm muscles.

Dumbbell Skull Crusher – Muscles Worked

Target - Triceps
triceps muscle worked 1