Dumbbell Side Bend

Exercise / Abs

How to Dumbbell Side Bend

Dumbbell Side Bend

1- Stand upright with your knees slightly bent and one dumbbell resting on the side of your thigh. Keep your weighted arm straight.

2- Lean slowly to the right and slide the dumbbell down the outside of your right thigh to knee level while breathing in. Do not allow the weight to swing.

3- Straighten your torso to the start position by contracting your obliques on the left of your torso, breathing out as you do so. Repeat as required and switch sides

Dumbbell Side Bend Benefits

  • This exercise, which targets the oblique muscles, is very useful for tightening and developing the abdominal fat. You can work on more target muscles by increasing the weight according to your fitness level.

Dumbbell Side Bend – Muscles Worked

Target - Obliques
Dumbbell side bend muscle worked