Barbell Pullover

Exercise / Back / Wing

How To Barbell Pullover

Barbell Bent Arm Pullover

Barbell Pullover Benefits

  • Barbell pullover target your latissimus dorsi muscle, the flat, triangular shaped muscle that covers the lower part of your back. The Barbell Pullover trains the lats through a long range of motion, and is helpful for people who have trouble feeling their backs work on conventional pulldown exercises. Barbell pullover is considered a postural exercise by sports physiologists and researchers. It is a good upper body exercise to builder the chest and back muscles and increase the stability in the body.

Muscles Worked in the Barbell Pullover

Target - Latissimus Dorsi
Synergists - Levator Scapulae
Synergists - Pectoralis
Synergists - Triceps Brachii
Synergists - Teres Major
Synergists - Posterior Deltoid
Synergists - Rhomboids
SEATED ROW MACHINE muscle worked