Arm Leg Raises

Exercise / Erector Spinae, Hip

How to do Arm Leg Raises

Arm Leg Raises

Contracting your abs, simultaneously lift your right leg behind you to hip height and your left arm forward to shoulder height. Hold for 10 seconds, return to the start position, then repeat with your other leg and arm. Maintain a straight line from your shoulders to your hips throughout the movement.

Arm Leg Raises Benefits

  • It is an exercise designed to work your hips, back, shoulders and core muscles and strengthen your overall stability.
  • Arm leg raises is also an exercise that requires mental focus, forces movements to be made in harmony, and helps improve balance and coordination.
  • This exercise, which is also applied as a warm-up exercise, can work even the smallest muscle fibers from different angles to strengthen the core muscles. It is also a safe and effective way to strengthen and balance your spine, back and neck muscles. A solid spine structure and strong back muscles can help improve your posture and relieve and prevent back pain.

Muscles Worked in Arm Leg Raises

Target Core Muscles: ▪ Transverse abdominis ▪ Pelvic floor ▪ Multifidus ▪ Quadratus lumborum ▪ Gluteus medius ▪ Gluteus maximus

Target - Hips
Rectus Abdominis
Transverse Abdominis
Erector Spinae
Gluteus Maximus
arm leg raise muscle worked