Fitness Plan To Gain Muscle and Strength

Fitness Program / Workout Plan

Workouts Tips

Remember building a strong body takes time. It’s important when you’re doing any kind of fitness program that you make sure it’s something that will work with you and into your lifestyle.

These fitness workout focus on compound movements that hit multiple muscle groups at once so the whole body is worked more efficiently.

What Makes it Work?

This workout is a testament to the power of compound movements. Compound movements involve more than one joint at a time, so they harness  the power of more muscle groups simultaneously. That helps you for two reasons; it burns more calories while you’re exercising, and it works more muscle groups in less time.

What is Tempo 2:1:2 

Tempo is interpreted as time (in seconds) taken to complete each lifting movement

Eccentric : Pause : Concentric

E.g. 2:1:2 Tempo for Bench press means 2 seconds to lower the bar to chest, 1 second pause at the bottom position, 2 second to push the bar into full elbow extension.


So what Warm up means is that it is a form of light exercise that basically preparing your body for an intense workout or for an intense session of exercising.

These are light exercises that you do in order to prepare your body for a good work out.

  1. Treadmill 1 x 5 min
  2. Elliptical 1 x 5 min
  3. Arm Circle 2 x 15-20
  4. Vertical Mountain Climber 2 x 15-20
  5. Side Lunge Stretch 2 x 15-20

Progressive Overload

The important key to success is taking advantage of the progressive overload principle. That is the only thing that makes your muscles grow both larger and stronger; adapting to change. You have to force them to constantly do more work and lift heavier weights. Try and add at least a little more weight every workout.