Toes to Bar

Exercise / Abs, Calisthenic

How to do Toes to Bar

Toes to Bar

1- Suspend yourself from a pull-up bar with your arms shoulder-width apart, using an overhand grip. Ensure that your legs are straight and stationary, and there is a straight line from your shoulders to your ankle.

2- Keeping your legs together, raise them up in front of you, pivoting at your hips. Keep your back straight and use your deep abdominals and hip flexors to control the movement.

3- Raise your feet as high as you can manage without straining or compromising your form. Hold briefly, then return to the start position, using your glutes to control the downward movement.

Target Core Muscles: ▪ Rectus abdominis ▪ Transverse abdominis ▪ Pelvic floor ▪ Hip flexors ▪ Gluteus maximus