Stability Ball Knee Tuck

Exercise / Abs

How to do Stability Ball Knee Tuck

Stability Ball Knee Tuck

1- Assume a plank, with your hands on the floor below the shoulders and your feet on an exercise ball, supported by your toes. Keep your elbows straight, but not locked, and the shoulders relaxed. Hold your back straight and ensure your pelvis is not tipping downward.

2- Keeping your body straight and your hands fixed in position, slowly push foward with your feet, bending at the hip. Push as far as you can, keeping control of the movement with your core.

3- Hold the position for a few seconds, then return to the start position with a slow, controlled movement.

Stability Ball Knee Tuck – Benefits

This difficult core flexion exercise demands excellent core stability, balance, and control to perform correctly. Because the movement can potentially cause injury when performed with poor form, you should only attempt it after you have mastered a good range of basic core exercises.


Muscles Worked

▪ Rectus abdominis

▪ Transverse abdominis

▪ Pelvic floor

▪ Erector spinae

▪ Quadratus lumborum

▪ Gluteus maximus