Rear Delt Fly Machine

Exercise / Shoulders, Trapezius

How to: Rear Delt Fly Machine 

Rear Delt Machine Fly

Starting Position: Adjust the seat so that the handles are about shoulder level, and make sure to maintain good neck and lower back posture.

Form: Exhale and pull your arms apart until your shoulders are parallel with your body. Hold for a brief second and then slowly return to the starting position.

Personal Trainer Tips: You don’t have to pull your arms as far back as possible during this exercise. Use a comfortable range of motion, and don’t force your shoulder too far past parallel with your body.

As with every exercise posture is very important, make sure that your keep your head in good alignment and don’t let your head move forwards.

Also make sure that you do not cheat by using your lower back to pull the weights backwards. If you feel muscle work in your lower back, that could be a sign that the weight you are using is too heavy and you are likely compensating by using your lower back muscles.

Rear Delt Fly Machine – Benefits

  • A rear delt fly machine is a great way to work the posterior deltoid, rhomboids, and middle trapezius. Working the posterior deltoid and scapular muscles can significantly increase shoulder stability, and working these muscles can have a positive effect on shoulder posture.
  • Rear delt fly exercise will help you build defined back and shoulders. It is one of the best exercises you should do If you want a defined and more shred back muscle.

Rear Delt Fly Machine – Muscles Worked

Target - Posterior Deltoid
Synergists - Infraspinatus
Synergists - Teres Minor
Synergists - Lateral Deltoid
Synergists - Trapezius
Synergists - Rhomboids
Rear Lateral Dumbbell Raise musle