One Arm Triceps Pushdown

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One Arm Triceps Pushdown

The One arm triceps pushdown is an isolation, single-joint move, which isolates the triceps without the assistance of other muscle groups or joints. Triceps pushdown can be used as an arm toning exercise or as a muscle building exercise.

With cables you can isolate each arm and focus more on the triceps muscle. The cables offer a different effect from dumbbells and free weights, because the cables will add a constant tension throughout the range of motion. Also, when you use a single-sided cable, it is impossible to cheat with your strong arm when your weaker arm gets fatigued.

How to do:

one arm triceps pushdown

Performing the exercise one arm at a time allows you to focus on proper form and technique for each arm independently.

Begin by positioning a rope or handle attachment to the top part of a cable machine and grasp the rope or handle with one hand.

Starting Position: Start with your elbow bent at a 90-degree angle and tucked close to your side. Your forearm should be parallel to the ground, pointing down towards the floor.

Form: Exhale and pull down the rope. Extend your elbow so that it is almost completely straight. Hold for a brief second and the bottom and then slowly return to the starting position.

Tips: You must change the repetitions, sets, tempo/ speed, and intensity to change the effect of the exercise.

One Arm Triceps Pushdown – Benefits

Triceps Isolation: The One Arm Triceps Pushdown is an isolation exercise, meaning it specifically targets the triceps without involving other major muscle groups. This isolation allows you to focus on each triceps individually, leading to more targeted muscle engagement.

Balanced Arm Development: By performing the exercise one arm at a time, you can identify and address any strength imbalances between your right and left arm. This helps achieve balanced arm development and reduces the risk of one arm overpowering the other during bilateral movements.

Muscle Definition: Strengthening and toning the triceps through the One Arm Triceps Pushdown can lead to increased muscle definition and a more sculpted appearance of the back of your upper arms.

Triceps Strength: This exercise is effective in building strength in the triceps, which is essential for various pushing movements in both daily activities and sports.

Joint Stability: The One Arm Triceps Pushdown requires stabilization of the shoulder joint, helping to improve joint stability and potentially reducing the risk of shoulder-related injuries.

Time Efficiency: Since this exercise targets one arm at a time, it may take less time to complete your triceps workout compared to bilateral exercises.

One Arm Triceps Pushdown – Muscles Worked 

Target - Triceps
triceps muscle worked 1