One Arm Medicine Ball Slam

Exercise / Abs, Chest, Full Body, Shoulders

One Arm Medicine Ball Slam Overview

The one-arm medicine ball slam is a dynamic, high-intensity exercise that involves using one arm to lift a medicine ball overhead and then forcefully slamming it onto the ground.

This exercise is designed to enhance power, strength, coordination, and cardiovascular endurance. It is particularly effective for developing upper body explosive power and core strength. Exercise can be a valuable addition to various training programs for athletes and individuals looking to improve overall fitness.

How to do:

One Arm Medicine Ball Slam

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold the medicine ball in one hand overhead.
  2. Ensure your torso remains upright, and avoid leaning back excessively.
  3. Slam the medicine ball down firmly onto the ground in front of you.
  4. Catch the rebound and return to the starting position.
  5. Perform the exercise with both arms to ensure balanced muscle development.

Tips for Proper Form

  • After the slam, allow your arm to follow through the motion naturally.
  • Focus on using your core and legs to generate power, not just your arm.
  • Keep your back straight and avoid rounding your shoulders.
  • Choose a medicine ball weight that allows you to maintain proper form throughout your sets.

You can also do a two-arm medicine ball slam if you find the one-arm version too difficult.

If you’re new to this exercise, it’s always a good idea to consult with a certified personal trainer who can teach you proper form and ensure you’re performing the movement safely.


Enhances Explosive Power in the Upper Body:

The rapid, forceful motion of slamming the medicine ball develops explosive power in the shoulders, arms, and upper chest. This explosive power is crucial for sports and activities that require quick, powerful movements.

Engages and Strengthens the Core Muscles:

During the slam, the core muscles are heavily engaged to stabilize the body and generate force. This results in a stronger, more resilient core, which is essential for overall athletic performance and injury prevention.

Improves Shoulder Strength and Stability:

Lifting and slamming the ball with one arm increases shoulder stability and strength. This is particularly beneficial for enhancing joint integrity and reducing the risk of shoulder injuries.

Enhances Hand-Eye Coordination and Overall Athleticism:

Performing the exercise with one arm requires coordination and balance, improving overall athleticism. The exercise trains the brain and body to work together more efficiently, enhancing hand-eye coordination.

Cardiovascular Endurance

The repetitive, high-intensity nature of the exercise elevates the heart rate, providing a cardiovascular workout. This helps improve cardiovascular endurance, contributing to better overall fitness and stamina.

Muscles Worked:

Rectus Abdominis
Pectoralis Major
Legs and Glutes
One Arm Medicine Ball Slam muscles worked