Landmine Twist

Exercise / Abs

How to do Landmine Twist

Landmine Twist

1- Grip the end of the bar with both hands and angle it toward you. Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.

2- Keeping your feet, knees, and hips aligned, rotate the bar across your body to your right, maintaining straight arms, and controlling the movement by engaging your core and pivoting from your hips.

3- Continuing the movement to your right, rotate the bar all the way around to waist level on your right-hand side, following it with the shoulders and head. Keep your arms straight throughout the movement.

4- Control the motion of the bar all the way to waist level on your left, twisting at your hip at the edge of the movement.

5- Bring the bar back to the start position in a counterclockwise arc, straightening your legs and keeping your core engaged.

6- Complete the arc of movement to return to the start position, maintaining good form. Repeat the sequence as required and relax.

Landmine Twist Benefits

  • The landmine twist is a core-strengthening exercise that works your obliques and abs that go all the way to your lower back. The obliques are the muscles that connect your lats, and these muscles help flex or rotate our upper body. Targeting the oblique muscles, this exercise helps to increase the strength and stabilization of the core muscles.

Muscles Worked in The Landmine Twist

Target - Obliques
Rectus Abdominis
Transverse abdominis
Pelvic floor
Quadratus lumborum
Gluteus minimus
Gluteus medius
Dumbbell side bend muscle worked