İncline Cable Fly

Exercise / Chest

How To İncline Cable Fly

İncline Cable Fly

İncline Cable Fly Benefits

  • In muscle-building exercises focused on the upper body or upper chest, it is often used as a finishing move at the end of the exercise after performing movements such as barbell or dumbbell bench press.
  • İncline cable fly exercise will help you build fully defined pecs. It is one of the best exercises you should do If you want a defined and more shred upper chest muscle.
  • Research shows that performing an incline cable fly with a 30 and 45 degree bench angle is the best for the upper chest. In order to get the best efficiency from the incline dumbbell press movement, you should adjust the bench to an angle of 30-45 degrees and feel your upper chest muscles are working.

Muscle Worked in the İncline Cable Fly

Target - Pectoralis Major, Clavicular
Synergists - Deltoid, Anterior
Synergists - Biceps Brachii
Stabilizers - Brachialis
Stabilizers - Triceps Brachii
Stabilizers - Wrist Flexors
Bench Press Muscle work