Hell Slide

Exercise / Abs, Leg

How to do Hell Slide

Hell Slide

1- Lie on your back with your legs stretched out straight in front of you, your arms by your sides, and your heels pressed lightly against the floor. Locate your neutral hip and spine position before you begin this exercise.

2- Keep your pelvis neutral. Slowly bend your right knee up by sliding your right heel along the ground. Bend it as far as you can without rocking or lifting your hips off the ground, or disturbing the lumbar spine position. Keep your core engaged throughout. Bring your knee back as far as you can.

3- Slide your right leg back to the start position, without allowing the hips to rock to one side. Stay weighted in the tailbone and keep your core engaged. Maintain neutral position throughout the movement. Alternate with each leg for the required number of reps, then relax.

Hell Slide Benefits

  • This simple and relatively gentle movement is a good exercise for improving strength and mobility in the muscles of your hip and pelvis. Always remember to perform the same number of reps for each leg.

Hell Slide Muscles Worked

Transverse abdominis
Internal obliques
Pelvic floor
Quadratus lumborum
hell slide muscles worked