Half Wipers

Exercise / Abs

How to Half Wipers

Half Wipers

1- Lie on your back with arms outstretched, palms up. Raise your legs to 90 degrees, with knees together. Keep your core engaged and your lower back in a neutral position.

2- With arms flat on the floor and knees together, lift your right hip and roll your hips and legs to the left. Stop before your upper back begins to lift. Hold for a few seconds.

3- Initiating from your core, roll your hips and legs back to the center, regaining your neutral position.

4- In the same way, roll your hips to the right, keeping your core engaged and using your arm for stability. Hold briefly, then return to start.

Half Wipers Benefits

  • The exercise works up the obliques, abs, and lower back muscles. Obliques are the muscles which connects your lats and abs these muscles help in twisting or turning our upper body. This exercise, which targets the oblique muscles, is very useful for tightening and developing the abdominals fat.

Muscles Worked in The Half Wipers

Target - Obliques
Dumbbell side bend muscle worked