Flat Bench Hyperextension

Exercise / Erector Spinae

How to Flat Bench Hyperextension

Flat Bench Hyperextension

Flat Bench Hyperextension Benefits

  • Hyperextension exercises are an excellent workout that strengthens your core, lower back, glutes, and hamstrings.
  • Hyperextension movement improves your posture by extending your back muscles and reducing the tension between your lower back and core areas. It also enhances your lower back’s strength, making it easier to stay upright throughout the day.
  • It’s also beneficial for lower back health as some lower back pain can stem from weak glutes and tight hamstrings.

Muscles Worked in the Flat Bench Hyperextension

Target - Erector Spinae 100Hamstrings
Gluteus Maximus 75Hamstrings
Hamstrings 75Hamstrings
Adductor Magnus 75Hamstrings
Hyperextension muscle worked