Single Leg Bridge

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How to Single Leg Bridge

Single Leg Bridge

Single Leg Bridge Benefits

  • The target muscle group of the single leg glute bridge exercise is the hip muscles. You can include it in your exercise program to tighten and tone the hip muscles as well as improve hip mobility and strengthen your waist.
  • Strengthens core muscles: The bridge exercise activates all the core muscles, including the transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, and obliques. The glute bridge will help you stabilize the center of the body, hamstrings, back, belly and also the butt. Although the exercise targets the butt area, the glute bridge does a great job of activating and strengthening your core stabilizer muscles.
  • Bridge exercises are generally safe for people with chronic back problems and can aid in pain management.


Muscles Worked in The Single Leg Bridge

Target - Gluteus Maximus
Stabilizers - Obliques
Stabilizers - Rectus Abdominis
Stabilizers - Iliopsoas
Stabilizers - Tensor Fasciae Latae
Stabilizers - Pectineus
Stabilizers - Sartorius
Stabilizers - Adductor Longus
Stabilizers - Adductor Brevis
Stabilizers - Quadriceps
Stabilizers - Erector Spinae
Stabilizers - Hamstring
Glute bridge muscle worked