Single-Arm Cable Crossover

Exercise / Chest

How to do Single-Arm Cable Crossover

Single-Arm Cable Crossover

Single Arm Cable Crossover / Benefits

  • The single arm cable crossover is a unilateral chest isolation exercise. Working the chest one side at a time allows you to focus on the balance between the sides of your chest and really feel the chest muscles contracting. The tension in the cable provides a softer and more continuous resistance than free weights that can be affected by momentum. In addition, performing the exercise on each arm separately allows both chest to work equally.

Single Arm Cable Crossover / Muscles worked 

Target - Pectoralis Major, Sternal
Synergists - Pectoralis Major, Clavicular and Lower
Synergists - Anterior Deltoid
Synergists - Biceps Brachii
Stabilizers - Brachialis
Stabilizers - Triceps Brachii
Stabilizers - Wrist Flexors
Bench Press Muscle work

Cable Crossover Variations