Exercise / Cardio

How To Start Running


Walking is a great tool to prepare your body for running. Your walking in start should consist of a mixture of running and walking depending on how much pressure your body can take. As time passes your muscles get trained and you are good to go for running.

While running you should always increase distance gradually you are never going to lose more weight by running more you can get injured by over-pressuring your body. If you cannot increase your running distance so add a little walk before and after running. The 10% rule is always a good rule which is a sensible running increase. You can increase your running distance by 10% a week to others.

Running Benefits

Running is one of the most dominant forms of exercise for weight loss. If you’re a professional athlete looking to get shredded or a rookie who’s looking to lose some weight, running is the best option for you.

An intense running phase might be better if you are looking to gain some stamina. It increases your cardiovascular abilities but makes your muscles do more work.

On the other hand, low-intensity running is the best to break down your fat cells as it requires less work from muscle. You can easily jog a few miles to get more fuel from fat around your body.

The best running workout is to have progressive running in intervals which starts from slow exercise and getting faster in the period. It will also be great to induce the recovery phase which will help your muscle to relax.

  • Depression & Anxiety: Running also plays an important role in reducing depression and anxiety. Running increases bonding, focus and motivation among depressed individuals.
  • Knee Damage: It is a very common myth among people of all ages that running will cause knee damage and make your knees weak. This is completely untrue. Running makes your knees string and make your knee muscles more responsive. It makes your knees healthier.
  • Cataracts: A study found that people who run more have a lower chance of developing cataracts. A small run will reduce the chances of cataracts. Perfect health will be ensured. (

Running Helps In Fat Burning: The process of “Fat Burning” is carried out in our body. In this process, the fat is converted into fuel which aids us to get more power to do the work. Running helps in weight loss by burning fat and converting it into useful carbs. The more fat is burned, the more stamina and power to your body.

Types of Running

There are many types of running that help the human body move. Some of the popular types are as follows:

  • Base Running: It is normally run to get muscle use to of compound movement. They are short runs extending from 8 to 10 km.
  • Long Running: Adding some more distance to base run are long runs. A person can run up to 20 km to increase his endurance and stamina.
  • Interval Running: Intense running in different sets to increase stamina and cardiovascular abilities are called interval running. A person can do 5 sets of running 400 meters, starting from jogging and getting better with each interval.
  • Mountain Running: It is the same as interval running, you just to run upward on the hilly area to increase your strength and stamina equally. Try to do it in intervals as well to get the best results.
  • Recovery Running: These runs are slow after hectic running to recover your muscle and take the all heat out from them very easily. Run at least 4 to 5 minutes to ease your muscle after a hard training day.
  • Progression Running: These runs are started at a slow pace and get to the top speed at the end. It is just like a marathon in which you have to runs miles and get better in speed every mile you cover. It builds your strength, muscles, and stamina on a daily bases.