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Pec Deck Fly

Pec Deck Fly Benefits

BUTTERFLY / PEC DECK FLY / SEATED MACHINE FLY It is expressed in different names such as.

  • The pec deck fly is a effective exercise for building pectoral muscles and strengthening the upper body. The machine acts as a stabilizer here, emphasizing the pectoralis major muscle of the chest and the pectoralis minor muscle just below it.
  • You can use this exercise to develop the often neglected inner chest muscles. It will also help you build fully defined pectoral muscles, thanks to the combination of thrust and compression.
  • It is a great chest exercise that has been found to work the chest muscles at least as effectively as the bench press in EMG tests conducted by the American Council on Exercise.
  • The pec deck machine targets the pectoralis major and minor muscles in your chest, as well as your serratus anterior and anterior shoulder muscles.

Pec Deck Fly РMuscles Worked 

Target - Pectoralis Major, Sternal
Synergists - Pectoralis Major, Clavicular
Synergists - Pectoralis Minor
Synergists - Deltoid, Anterior
Synergists - Biceps Brachii
Synergists - Serratus Anterior
Stabilizers - Biceps Brachii
Stabilizers - Brachialis
Stabilizers - Wrist Flexors
peck deck fly muscles worked

Pec Deck Fly Muscle Worked