Dumbbell Pullover

Exercise / Chest

How To Dumbbell Pullover


Dumbbell Pullover Benefits

Dumbbell pullover is one of the rare exercises that trains both the front and back of the body at the same time.

  • Dumbbell pullover is a commonly used resistance exercise that primarily strengthens the muscles in the chest and large back muscles.
  • Dumbbell pullover is considered a postural exercise by sports physiologists and researchers. It is a good upper body exercise to builder the chest muscles and increase the stability in the body.

Muscles worked in the Dumbbell Pullover

Target - Pectoralis Major, Sternal
Synergists - Posterior Deltoid
Synergists - Teres Major
Synergists - Triceps (Long Head)
Synergists - Pectoralis Minor
Synergists - Rhomboids
Synergists - Levator Scapulae
Stabilizers - Wrist Flexors
Stabilizers - Triceps Brachii
stabilizers - Pectoralis Major, Clavicular
stabilizers - Anterior Deltoid
muscle worked in the pullover