Curtsy Squat

Exercise / Cardio, Hip, Leg

How to do Curtsy Squat

Curtsey Squat

  • Stand straight with your feet facing forward.
  • Step out and cross your lead foot in front of your back foot.
  • This should look like a curtsy. Make sure your knee stays behind your toes.
  • Pause in the lunge and then push yourself back to starting position.
  • Repeat with alternating legs for your number of sets

Curtsy Squat Benefits

  • Curtsy Squat activate your hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes. This unilateral exercise, which trains each leg separately, activates your stabilizing muscles, and helps you become more balanced and coordinated. This is ideal for people who have knee concerns, difficulty balancing, or less hip mobility.


Muscles Worked in the Curtsy Squat

Target - Quadriceps
Synergists - Gluteus Maximus
Synergists - Adductor Magnus
Synergists - Soleus
Dynamic Stabilizers - Hamstrings
Dynamic Stabilizers - Gastrocnemius
Stabilizers - Gluteus Medius
Stabilizers - Gluteus Minimus
Stabilizers - Quadratus Lumborum
Stabilizers - Tibialis Anterior
Stabilizers - Obliques
Pistol squat muscle worked