Cable Tricep Kickback

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How To do Cable Tricep Kickback

Cable Tricep Kickback

Starting Position: Attach a rope or handle to the bottom of a cable machine. Hinge forward from your hips and place your opposite elbow on your thigh for support.

Form: While keeping your arm next to your body, exhale and straighten your elbow against the resistance. Hold briefly in the straightened position before slowly returning to the starting position.

Personal Trainer Tips: The cables offer a different feeling from dumbbells and free weights, because the cables will add a constant tension throughout the range of motion. Make sure that you move through the full range of motion. If you have difficulty completing the range of motion, you should lighten the weight.

Cable Tricep Kickback – Benefits

Among the exercises that work the arm muscles, kickback and its variations are very effective. You can easily apply these exercises with dumbbells, cables, kettlebells or resistance bands.

  • The cable tricep kickback is an isolation exercise which builds strength and muscle in all three heads which make up the tricep muscle.
  • Using cables aims to maintain constant tension on target muscles important for muscle hypertrophy. This continuous resistance makes it a more beneficial method for muscle gain. Using cables can be both effective and easier for beginners.

Cable Tricep Kickback – Muscles Worked

Target - Triceps
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Cable Kickback Variations