Arm Scissors

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Arm Scissors

Arm scissors, also known as scissor exercises, is a dynamic bodyweight exercise that targets the pectoral and shoulder muscles. This exercise involves swinging the arms in a scissor-like motion, alternating between forward and backward swings. Performing arm scissors helps increase blood flow to the chest and shoulder muscles.

How To Do: 

Arm Scissors

  1. Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart and extend your arms straight out to the sides, parallel to the floor. Your palms should be facing down.
  2. Begin the movement by crossing your right arm over your left arm, bringing them in front of your body. Your right arm should cross over your left arm at approximately chest level.
  3. Immediately reverse the movement by swinging your arms out to the sides and then crossing your left arm over your right arm, bringing them in front of your body again. Your left arm should cross over your right arm at approximately chest level.
  4. Continue to alternate between forward swings, crossing one arm over the other, and backward swings, opening the arms out to the sides.
  5. Maintain a controlled and fluid motion, focusing on engaging the shoulder muscles throughout the exercise.
  6. Repeat the arm scissors for the desired number of repetitions or time.

Arm Scissors / Benefits

Warm-up and pre-activity preparation: Arm scissors can be an effective warm-up exercise, especially before upper body workouts or activities that involve chest and shoulder movements. The dynamic nature of arm scissors helps increase blood flow, warm up the muscles, and mentally prepare for more intense exercises. This enhanced circulation delivers oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, warming them up and preparing them for the upcoming workout.

Shoulder mobility and flexibility: The swinging motion of arm scissors helps improve shoulder mobility and flexibility. It encourages a wide range of motion in the shoulders, which is beneficial for exercises that involve overhead movements, pushing, and pulling.

Chest muscle engagement: As you cross your arms in front of your body during arm scissors, the pectoral muscles (chest muscles) are engaged. While the engagement is not as significant as in exercises specifically targeting the chest, arm scissors still provide a mild stimulus to the chest muscles.

Arm Scissors / Muscles Worked

Arm Scissors Muscles Worked